Hon'ble Okras of Jamatia Hoda






President of BGM


We started our voyage in the year 2001. Since inception, we have been working in the field of education and Training, Education of rural children with special needs, Geriatric care vocational training for youth with tribals people, disabilities, Environmental care, empowerment of Women, Senior Citizens and persons with Empowerment of youths, Senior citizens and persons with disabilities, so that they can usher in a sustainable development in the Jamatia Community, remained our vision from the beginning.

In the year 2010-13 too, we worked with goal to empower persons with youths so that they can play a productive & contributory role in the society and to rehabilitate the tribal’s in the society with dignity. In that year our activities, were centered around awareness generation, Geriatric care & rehabilitation of youths, Education of persons with poor family, care, protection and empowerment of persons with deaf blindness, cerebral palsy, autism, mental retardation and multiple youths. Manpower development for care of tribal youths in Tripura as well as North Eastern Region was also part of our activities. We helped persons with poor family of Tripura State to take part in the National Coaching Camps, traditional Game organized by Special of Jamatia Community.

Despite our effort, we could do little in effective generation of awareness among public and social networking, without which the actual rehabilitation of persons with poor family and elderly persons will lie at bay. Along with our present activities, we will take special care in these fields in the coming year.

I, on behalf of Baba Garia Mission, Tripura, bid thanks to the all supporting agencies, friends and staff of organization and volunteers who are providing us their relentless, tireless support to elevate lifestyle of poor and tribal family.

Ram Pada Jamatia