The state of Tripura, India, being the remotest and geographically most backward State, is devoid of all educational facilities, especially for the tribals who are living in this hilly State and to overcome this problems, the Jamatia Hoda (Apex body of the Community) had taken a decision and formed an NGO named "BABA GARIA MISSION" and subsequently registered under the Societies Registration Act vide No.3835/2001. And NGO partner system under Planning Commission, Govt. of India subsequently registered Vide. No. TR/2010/0031083. Since then the Baba Garia Mission has been imparting quality education to the tribals with full dedication to achieve the following objectives:-

(1) To establish and maintain quality - Educational Institutions for the deserving people particularly for Tribal students, libraries and reading room for the Welfare of the Society.

(2) To devote in the activities for overall welfare and development of the Educational Institutions and to make endeavour to establish Technical Wing in the Institution.

(3)  To take initiative for preservation of indigenous religious faith and traditional culture of the Jamatia Community and for development of Human Resources of the Tribal people.

(4)  To run Coaching Centre for drop out students and also for the current students.

(5) To establish and run Vocational Training Centres at free of cost i.e. (a) Computer, (b) Motor Driving School, (c) Motor Mechanic, (d) Weaving, (e) Welding, (f) Scooter mechanic, (g) Mobile phone & T.V. repairing, (h) Bamboo, (i) Electrical, (j) Tailoring, (k) Monteswari Teacher.

(6)  To establish Centre for Coaching of Sports & Games.

(7)  To take steps to set up Health care Units in the villages and also to create awareness on Health, Nutrition, Hygiene on water & other related matters

(8) To foster, maintain and improve friendly relation and co-operation among the members of the society and also among the members of the different tribal communities.

(9) To publish books, journals, posters for betterment of the youngsters in connection with the attainment of the objectives of the Society.

(10) To collect subscriptions and donations from members and others to attain the objects of the society.

(11) To take up with the Government of India or State Government or any other organizations for financial assistance for effective and proper management of the Institution.

(12) To acquire by purchase or lease or otherwise, lands, building and other properties movable or immovable as the society from time to time may think fit for the welfare of the Society.

 (13) To accept, bequeath, gift, grant or endowment for the attainment of the object of the Society

 (14) To do all such other things as may be conducive or incidental to the attainment of all or any of the objects.

(15)  To work as a non-political organization.                                 

(16) The Mission may organize for unity, integrity, peace and consensus among the people for the cause of protection of interest and fulfilling the aims and object of the community and the State.

17) Keeping pace with the time in the need of changed situation the Mission may launch a wide democratic movement for the cause of Jamatia Hoda and for the interest of the State and Nation as a whole.

At present the Baba Garia Mission is running one Secondary Model School (Affiliated to CBSE, Delhi, Code No.2030015) (Residential) situated at Garia Hathai, Atharabla, Udaipur, Gomati District, Tripura ( It will be spread out / extended to 8 Districts within next 10 years and upgraded from primary to HS+2 stage regionally. The Baba Garia Mission has already purchased land for the purpose of establishment educational institutions and now it is under the exclusive possession of Baba Garia Mission. For the purpose of extending modern & proper educational & cultural facility to the Tribal community, only Rs.30/= is collected from every family of Jamatia Hoda per annum by the representative of Baba Garia Mission & it is very meager amount to meet our plan.

At Garia Hathai, Atharabla, Udaipur, Gomati Dist., Tripura, Baba Garia Mission has started Model School named as Garia Academy (Model) with the Hostel capacity of 150 Girls and 200 Boys and it will be extended upto 500 students from 2012-13 Academic Session. From April 2003 till date we have accommodated here in the Hostel 350 students and day scholar is 24 as on 25.10.2011.

The Baba Garia Mission is running one Hostel for the student of Higher Education group & one Rest House for Patient attendants since 2004 in its own land at Khejur Bagan, Agartala which was donated by Ex. Ruler Maharaja Kirit Bikram Kishore Debbarman at Bhulananda Palli, Agartala Airport Road.

The Baba Garia Mission is also running Madhymik drop out Coaching Centre named as Garia Academy Madhyamik Drop Out Coaching Centre since 2002 with the assistance of Tribal Welfare Deptt., Govt. of Tripura here at Garia Hathai, Atharabla, Udaipur, Gomati District, Tripura.  In every Saturday we are also providing special moral teaching class to the students by our prominent persons of the society who have good knowledge in National Integrity & National building, communal harmony, Traditional ethos & culture of the Tribals etc. Through this Academy we have already taught and given full ideas to 805 youths selected by the Baba Garia Mission from remote areas about demerits of Extremist life and as a result there is not a single person who has been misguided and joined in underprivileged group since last 10 years (from August 2002 to April 2012) from Jamatia Community.

We are confident and firmly believe that those youths who were selected and taught by BGM Authority from different communities cannot be derailed from main stream of the Nation in their lifetime and they are also carrying the good messages to the different societies as well as to the young generation. Through this policy we are getting good result and good response from general people in fighting against the evil forces i.e. extremist’s activities in the State. 

The Garia Hathai, Atharabla, Udaipur, Dist.Gomati, Tripura is located in the middle of the State and there is no quality educational Institute in and around the place and therefore, for all purposes this place has been selected as Headquarter of Baba Garia Mission. Sri Jual Oram, The Hon’ble Minister for Tribal Affairs, Govt. of India has laid down foundation stone on 08-10-2001 for the Institution named as “GARIA ACADEMY” over 3.31 Acres Jote land & later on we have purchased here more 10.00 Acres, now total jote land comes to 13.31 Acres .

For the purpose we are also in possession of 66 acres of land adjacent to the Jote land here. It is mention-able that all the Govt. Schools in the remote areas are not functioning properly because of threat of the extremists. As a result, tribal students are found to be loitering as "Drop Out" students in the Secondary Education level. These scopes are being utilized by the some NGOs and made with anti-Indian out look.

So, this educational Institution will immensely be beneficial to the people of the state. Under the guidance of Jamatia Hoda and Baba Garia Mission, this Institution is giving proper education as well as national integrity and communal harmony to the students particularly to the Tribals of different communities and as a result there is no chance for perverting the young generation from the main stream of the Nation. The total project cost of the Institutions for the entire plan is Rs.100.00 crores only.  The plan and project adopted by the Baba Garia Mission will be completed in phase manner.

There is no good creative resource centre for school, educational Institutions and children facility in Tripura Tribal Children. At present there are 500 Students in the school including day scholars and good number of teacher and non-teaching staffs. Indigenous tribal people are rendered to be a minority by the more dominant community and for this reason the tribal has no much voice in the state affairs. Majority of the tribals are still living the most primitive way of life by earning their livelihood through traditional means of agriculture and allied activities. Their backwardness compounded by the absence of good and accessible educational institution leads many of the tribal to forgo schooling and the few students that got enrolled in the primary school got dropped-out before they reach the age of 14 years driven mainly by poverty.

The present project is an initiative to help the Tribal students between the ages of 3 to 17 from remote area who does not have access to proper schooling due to absence of the facility in their village. The project will enable them to get proper education at least till they complete matriculation by studying in the proposed Residential and Non- Residential School. Further, this project will also lessen the burden of the BABA GARIA MISSION, the NGO which is running the school mainly from charitable contribution of its members and well wishers.  

The location for the proposed project is in a rural area where no proper govt. school is located and as such students from the remote blocks finds it difficult to get proper education to pursue their studies. With assistance from the person, businessman, Service holder and any organization the project will go a long way in solving the problems faced by students from the less privileged section of the society.

Since, the Mission does not get regular and sufficient fund, it has been facing lots of difficulties in financial matters. The limited resource of the organization could not have the desired impact as the numbers of students are increasing and many deserving students could not be covered by our limited sponsorship. Moreover, the much needed incentives for the development of the school could not be extended due to lack of fund.                                                                                                                                                           

The Baba Garia Mission has obtained the award “JEWEL OF INDIA AWARD -2013” for outstanding achievements of education 23rd February, 2013(Time- 04:00 P.M.) at The Indian Society of International Law, V.K. Krishna Menon Bhawan, 1st floor Auditorium Administration Conference Room-I,  New Delhi by Indian Solidarity Council and International Institute of Education and Management, New Delhi. Presented by Dr. Bhisna Narain Singh, Former Hon’ble Minister of Education, Govt. of India and Former Hon’ble Governor;  Justice O.P.Verma, Former Chief Justice of Kerala High and Punjab High; Dr.G.V.G. Krishnamuthy, Former Election Commission, India; Mr. Joginder Singh, Former Director, CBI; Mr. O.P.Saxena, Educationist Expert, New Delhi; Dr. M.V. Tulli, Former IFS and Chairman, Indian Solidarity Council. 

With warm regards


(Ratan Kanti Jamatia)

General Secretary,

Baba Garia Mission

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“Forget the past. Remember every day dawns
            for us from the moment we wake up.
              Let us all, every one wake up now”
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